Determining the optimal number of followers to buy on Instagram

Simply buying thousands of low-quality followers rarely delivers results. Being strategic about how many new followers you purchase and from where is crucial. First, outline some clear goals for what you want to accomplish with newly purchased followers. Ask yourself:

  • What’s your reason for buying followers? Do you want to appear more influential? Promote your brand? Drive traffic or sales?
  • How quickly do you want to grow? Buying followers enables fast growth.
  • What engagement rates are you targeting? Focus on quality followers who will actively like and comment on posts.
  • How many followers do your competitors have? Use similar accounts for benchmarking.

Having measurable goals for why you want more followers and how engaged they are matters more than hitting a big round follower number. Objectives inform how many you should buy.

Consider your starting follower count

Your current number of organic Instagram followers should dictate how many you purchase. Some advice based on starting followers.

  • 0 – 500 – Buy 300-500 followers to help get momentum.
  • 500 – 5,000 – A monthly limit of 1,000 new followers is safe.
  • 5,000 – 10,000 – Opt for 500-1,500 new followers weekly.
  • 10,000 – 100,000 – Add 1,000-5,000 weekly to scale growth.
  • 100,000+ – If already famous, you likely don’t need purchased followers. Focus on engagement.

The smaller your starting follower count, the bigger the impact buying even a few hundred followers makes. Be gradual initially.

Analyze your engagement metrics

Study your current Instagram engagement metrics before purchasing more followers.

  • Like rate – Total likes ÷ Followers = % of followers that like your posts on average.
  • Comment rate – Total comments ÷ Followers = % that comment.
  • Story engagement – Average % of followers that view your Stories.

If current engagement is low, buying followers may temporarily increase it as you’ll have more potential engagers. But, focus first on creating quality content and interacting directly with current followers. Buy Instagram Followers on

Research ideal follower demographics

Consider your target audience and industry. Tailor-purchased followers to match ideal demographics.

  • Location – Buy followers matching your biggest markets.
  • Age – Target young millennials? Choose followers that reflect that.
  • Interests – Curate followers based on relevant topics.
  • Gender – Fashion brand? Lean towards more female followers.

Demographically targeted followers are more likely to actively engage with your brand long-term.

Monitor regularly and adjust

Once you start buying Instagram followers, regularly analyze metrics to assess their impact and optimize.

  • Monitor new follower quality and remove fake accounts.
  • Watch for engagement improvements or declines.
  • Review follower demographics.

Based on the results, you adjust your purchasing strategy and follower targets over time. Gaining a strong, engaged following on Instagram takes time and strategic effort. While buying followers provides a valuable jumpstart, organic content and engagement ultimately drive results. Focus on delivering value for your chosen niche and audience. Leverage purchased followers to establish initial social proof and visibility. But, let authentic connection and conversation drive your long-term Instagram presence. With the right follower purchase plan tailored to your brand goals, buying followers is an effective Instagram growth tactic.