Few Tips on How To Have More Efficient Ecommerce Packaging Solution

Buying and selling products online is one of the blossoming industries these days. With the growth in online business, the packaging industry is also seeing a significant amount of growth. With an accelerating increase in usage of online retailers transitioned to serious online sales, the corrugated industry will see heavy growth in future.`

Belley.net is one of the online fastest and creative online box manufacturers. Both the industries i.e. eCommerce and corrugated industry are experiencing a surprise momentum. This growth also brings some new challenges like efficient packaging and lowering the cost. However, thankfully the solution is already there to this challenge.

Various Packaging Options

There are various packaging options that are available for eCommerce packaging.

  • Fit-to-Product (FtP): eCommerce companies nowadays are willing to make most out of the shipping material and packaging space available without compromising their branding. In order to do that they are looking for tailored packaging which are cost effective and can be customized.
  • Retail-Ready Packaging: There are containers nowadays which are ready to store shelves the moment they come.They are customized for display, it is easy to hand them to customer without worring about the unbox individual.
  • Automated Packaging: In this kind of packaging vendors handle the inventory safely for the eCommerce business. It also saves time and money. Some processes like assembly and shipment are not automated yet.

Packaging With Care

Returns are unavoidable. Unlike returning the product in a physical store in eCommerce the process is different. Improper packaging can have a great impact on customer’s unboxing experience, results in return and eliminate any chance of restoration or reselling. However, it is very important to package the product properly in eCommerce to enhance the business.

Also, recycling is extremely important. Most of the customers now care about recycling product packaging. In case, they receive an overpackaged product which is not recyclable, the customer might not know what to do with it.

The packaging is also a very great opportunity to communicate with the customer and to make an impact on the customer’s thinking about the brand. Having a small message on the packaging box about recycling would make a positive impression. When the product arrives and the customer has received the product, they also know what to do with the box.

Always remember to create an impeccable unboxing experience for the customer, communicate them about packaging material and make a positive impression about your eCommerce business.