What to Look For When Hiring a Mobile Crane for a Lift

There are many reasons why you might need to hire a mobile crane; it could be to remove a boat you built in your backyard, or to locate a mobile home that you’re having delivered, or it could be for commercial reasons, locating heavy machinery.

Whatever the reason you need heavy lifting solutions, here are a few qualities of a reputable crane hire company.

  • Established operator – Hiring a small business that only has one crane is risky, should there be any issues, your project could be impacted. Make sure the crane hire company has been in business for at least 3 years, which should ensure they have the necessary resources to carry out the lift according to the project timeline.
  • Fully insured – This is an absolute must for obvious reasons; dealing with a company that offers Welshpool crane hire ensures that your project is covered, whatever happens. No matter how careful people might be, accidents can and do happen and it simply isn’t worth taking a chance.
  • Reliability – If the crane hire company has a good reputation within the local community, then you can rest assured the crane and operator will be onsite as agreed.
  • Experienced crane operators – Heavy lifting is extremely dangerous and only experienced and qualified operators should be in charge of a project; when you make an enquiry, the crane hire company would send an engineer to view the site and gather the information they need to prepare for the lift.
  • Expert advice – The crane hire staff would be very knowledgeable and should the customer need expert advice, they can recommend the right crane and methos to safely complete the lift. Some lifts are very complex and there are many variables that might come into play, such as high winds, rainfall and the proximity of buildings.
  • Safety focused – The crane hire company needs to have an excellent safety record and you can easily request this from the contractor for peace of mind. The company should display their licence at their business premises, which would be available upon request.
  • Client focused – Every successful business would be customer focused, regardless of the industry and the crane hire sector is no different; nothing is too much trouble for such an organisation.

The next time you are in need of heavy lifting, look for a crane hire company with all of the above and you will be very happy with the outcome.