Why Business Security is Even More Important Than Ever

We are certainly living in uncertain times and when the economy is suffering, people become desperate and some turn to crime in order to support their lifestyle. This means that both business and home owners should ensure that they have adequate security and this can be done through your local security company who would be happy to carry out a security assessment.

Video Surveillance

This is essential for all business premises, whether to monitor the entrances and exits during the night or to look out for shoplifters, CCTV is not only a good deterrent, it can also keep an eye on your employees, ensuring that they behave correctly.

Motion Sensor Detection

Some business premises engage a motion sensor alarm system that is triggered by physical movement; of course, this system would only be suitable for zones that have no human presence, while other alarm systems use infrared beams, which, if broken, sets off the alarm.

Manned Security

Many businesses require manned security, especially in Thailand and if you would like to receive a quote for manned security, search online for a reputable manned security company and see what they have to offer. Many domestic properties now have security in place and thieves are turning to commercial premises, especially during the night time, when many premises are unmanned. If you have to hire a security guard, price (known as ราคาบริษัทรักษาความปลอดภัย in Thai) is obviously a concern and with a Google search, you can obtain several quotes from local security providers.

Range of Security Services

Your local security company has a range of manned security services, which include the following:

  • Timed patrols – A mobile unit patrol according to agreed timelines.
  • 24/7 Manned security – Some businesses demand round the clock manned security.
  • 12-hour security – After the business closes for the day, manned security is on-site. This would typically start at 6pm and end at 6am.

Take out Stock Insurance

If you have valuable stock, you should take out adequate insurance to cover all losses, whether due to fire or theft. If you would like to find out what insurance would cost, there are many online providers who can quote and with a secure online payment, you are instantly covered. Could your business survive a major stock theft?

If the answer is no, then you should take steps to protect your business, which could come in the form of insurance or manned security, which sends out the right message to anyone that is thinking of stealing from you.