Why Engage with a Business Mentor or Coach?

Major benefits may come from engaging with a business mentor or coach. These benefits include:


A business mentor or business coach can provide guidance and support when you’re strategically leading the business and will share their business experiences on such matters as business strategy, business growth, marketing, competitive strategy, operations, distribution, supply chain, IT, risk assessments, organisational transformation and staffing issues, to name just a few. They also provide a confidential support relationship on an ongoing basis, which is especially useful during challenging times or adversity.

Sounding Board & Personal Development

A business mentor or business coach will provide an independent sounding board for your business ideas and issues. They can facilitate how you think and help to improve business thinking and decision-making. In short, a business mentoring or business coaching relationship can lead to valuable personal development.


A business mentor can provide an outside perspective on your business. They can help you identify areas of improvement and provide valuable insights into how to move forward.

Improved Self-Accountability

A business mentor or coach will help you stay on track and accountable to yourself on your goals. They can provide feedback and help you stay focused on the tasks that will help you reach your goals.


A business mentor or business coach can provide emotional support during times of growth and development and give encouragement when you’re feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. They can help you stay motivated and focused on achieving your goals.

Why is it Critical to Have a Well-Matched Business Mentor or Business Coach?

A well-matched business mentor or business coach will give you the best chance of deriving the benefits from this close relationship, whereas a mismatch (or no matching process) will result in a sub-optimal mentoring or coaching outcome for you.

How to Ensure an Exceptional Match

To be a good match, a business mentor or coach must meet strict criteria. They must have exceptional business experience across all facets of business, as well as impeccable ethical and personal standards. Make sure you choose a business mentor who is willing to impart their critical knowledge and perspective to challenge you within your confidential relationship.

Mutual Commitment is Vital to Get the Best from Your Business Mentor or Business Coach

For an exceptional business mentoring or business coaching relationship to exist, there must be strong mutual commitment with continuity and regular meetings. Preparation must be done before meetings and agreed tasks or thinking done for the meetings. You should also bring any “top of mind” issues for discussion. Both parties must come with a positive mindset for open and frank discussion to learn and improve themselves and of course to facilitate better business outcomes.

Typical Reasons for Engaging a Business Mentor or Business Coach

The reasons to engage a business mentor or business coach can vary widely depending on the circumstances.

For example, business owners or senior executives may need feedback or ideas on:

  • Strategy development
  • Business growth initiatives
  • Assessing business plans and execution
  • International trade
  • Customer, product or service profitability improvement
  • Cashflow improvements
  • Improving target business culture
  • Risk identification, assessment and mitigation
  • Investment and CAPEX investment
  • Internal or external politics
  • Refinancing or raising funds
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Succession planning
  • Shareholder and other key relationship management
  • Exiting or selling the business
  • Director or CEOs may need assistance with board dynamics, reporting and relationships.
  • A senior executive or director may need guidance with transition into a new position and need confidential support and feedback.

Why You Need to Actively Prepare When Engaging a Business Mentor or Coach

Being prepared can increase what you get out of your business mentor or business coach:

  • Clarify and update what you want to achieve and what you may generally need help with.
  • Keep in mind that as your business mentoring or coaching relationship develops, so will your business. Other emerging issues may need to be addressed.
  • Prepare prior to your business mentoring or coaching sessions and keep note of arising issues that you might want to cover in the next meeting.
  • Both parties need to complete agreed tasks.


Business mentoring or business coaching can provide a valuable and confidential resource to support and help facilitate you to better grow and succeed. Consider engaging a business mentor or business coach to discover the many benefits for yourself.